Anselm BradfordGermany, Individual applicants, USA

Anselm Bradford

Anselm BradfordI am a consultant working with Code for America on the Ohana API, an open source database of community social services. I’ve also recently worked with Trailhead Labs on creating a platform for administering hiking trail data and with on user research for their recent site relaunch. Prior to this year I was a 2013 fellow with Code for America and a faculty member in digital media at AUT University in New Zealand. I won second place in the 2013 EUHackathon.

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Alexandru PalcuieRomania, Team applicants, Team ROSEdu

Alexandru Palcuie

Self-taught hacker. I love to code, break things and help other people. DevOps at Open sorcerer at ROSEdu. Student at University of Bucharest. I sometimes teach Python and if I have to build a user interface, I’ll definitely use React. Won 2nd place last year. 🙂

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Maxime MularzFrance, Team applicants, Team OnTrack

Maxime Mularz

Maxime Mularz - Team OnTrackCEO of hostabee company, urban beekeeping, I have a degree in web development and a degree in sciences from the University of Picardie, France.

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Fannette CohenFrance, Team applicants, Team OnTrack

Fannette Cohen

Team Citizen Y - Fannette CohenMy first career was in the world of art history and town planning. For the last five years, my career has been in graphic design.. I have worked on diverse projects, from website creation to software interface design, costumer portal… I currently work at Sylpheo.

Peter GrassbergerAustria, Team applicants, Team tschunk

Peter Grassberger

Peter Grassberger - Team tschunkMy name is Peter Grassberger, I currently live and work in Graz, Austria. I’m interested in technology and (net-)politics and how it shapes our way of thinking. I work as a Web Developer and study Software Development and Business.

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Ion Alexandru MoregaRomania, Team applicants, Team ROSEdu

Ion Alexandru Morega

Ion Morega - Team ROSEdu

I’m a web developer based in Bucharest, Romania, with a deep interest in open source and civic hacking. I’m a member of ROSEdu, an organization that promotes open-source in education.

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Manuel GajoItaly, Team applicants, Team InnovActionLab

Manuel Gajo

Manuel Gajo - Team InnovActionLab– 25 years old

– Double bachelor’s in Computer Science

– Master in digital economics and entrepreneurship

– Full-stack and mobile developer at several companies in Italy, Belgium, Spain (including remote positions)

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Alberto MassidaItaly, Team applicants, Team InnovActionLab

Alberto Massida

Alberto Massida - Team InnovActionLabAlberto graduated in Computer Engineering, and loves huge IT infrastructures, heavy metal, and tinkering with innovative ideas and technologies 24/7. Sometimes he actually gets to sleep.

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Stefano SalvucciItaly, Team applicants, Team InnovActionLab

Stefano Salvucci

Stefano Salvucci - Team InnovActionLabEngineer to all intents and purposes: good problem solving skills and a fast adaptation to any situation make me very ductile. I have excellent communication skills, in my life I’ve had many occasions where good communication was the foundation for the success of my work.

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Charlotte MularzFrance, Team applicants, Team OnTrack

Charlotte Mularz

Charlotte Mularz -Team OnTrackI’m 8-year-old and I like new technologies. I started playing with arduino and raspberry pie for one year. I have many hobbies and interests like the horse and judo.

Linelle Cohen-PilletFrance, Team applicants, Team OnTrack

Linelle Cohen-Pillet

Linelle Cohen-Pillet - Team OnTrackI’m 9. I love to learn while having fun with a tablet or a phone. I’m curious, especially when it is on my screen !!!

Anne Sophie DautignyFrance, Team applicants, Team OnTrack

Anne Sophie Dautigny

Anne Sophie Dautigny - Team OnTrackAnne Sophie is a language and business communication expert. She is founder of Springbox – a company which helps businesses and their employees work effectively in English-speaking markets.  Anne Sophie is an active local lobbyist and a mother of two. Anne Sophie is bilingual French-English.

Madeleine ThomasFrance, Team applicants, Team OnTrack

Madeleine Thomas

Madeleine Thomas - Team OnTRackMadeleine is 13 years old. She writes stories, poems, and songs. She cares about the planet, and is a founder of the PDLP – a club aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues among young people. Madeleine is bilingual, English-French.

Stefan MoreAustria, Team applicants, Team tschunk

Stefan More

Stefan More - Team tschunkI study computer science at Graz University of Technology. And try to look beyond the rim of my teacup with some philosophy at University of Graz. I am currently involved/interested in technology ethics, technology|society, it security, privacy, opendata, netpolitics, open knowledge, all things queer, labor in the 21st century, the hacker/maker culture, accessibility & usability of security, ai ethics …

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Lukas BurgstallerAustria, Team applicants, Team tschunk

Lukas Burgstaller

Lukas Burgstaller - Team tschunkMobile Developer. Designer. Student. Photographer.

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Johan MöllerSweden, Team applicants, Team Mango

Johan Möller

Johan Moller - Team MangoMaster of Science in Software Engineering. Over 10 years of experience in Software Development and Leadership.

Marie MöllerSweden, Team applicants, Team Mango

Marie Möller

Maria Moller - Team MangoProfessional degree in Education and Teaching for children. Over 10 years of experience in working with and teaching children.

Erik MöllerSweden, Team applicants, Team Mango

Erik Möller

Erik Moller - Team MangoBachelor of Science in Software Engineering. 7 years of experience in Software Development.

Arthur PiszekIndividual applicants, Poland

Arthur Piszek

Artur PiszekI am a Programmer / Psychologist. I hold master degrees in Computer Science and Psychology. I have been working at Samsung Electronics R&D for the past 2 years as a Software Engineer and later as a Project Leader. Now I’m working at Automattic – company behind developing Open Source software that powers 24% of World Wide Web. I am a co-organizer of TEDxWarsawED (education).

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Matti NelimarkkaFinland, Team applicants, Team Musiika

Matti Nelimarkka

Matti Nelimarkka - Team MusiikaMatti is an academic examining learning, usually with some kind of social spin. He also researches online communities and participation, with a political science approach. Not only researching, he codes (mostly Python and Javascript nowadays) and teaches programming at university level. He is also known for his obsession on cats.

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Nyyti KinnunenFinland, Team applicants, Team Musiika

Nyyti Kinnunen

Nyyti Kinnunen - Team MusiikaNyyti is a mathematics student but her main interests lie on programming and theoretical computer science. Besides programming herself, she likes to teach it to others. She has taught programming at many levels, from elementary school to university. At the moment she is a teaching assistant on a course introduction to programming at university. Nyyti uses her spare time playing all kinds of games and eating chocolate.

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Noora VainioFinland, Team applicants, Team Musiika

Noora Vainio

Noora Vainio - Team MusiikaI’m a software development student at Tampere University of Technology. I’ve a bachelor’s degree in computer science and I’m currently working on my master’s degree. Besides my studies I’m working part-time as a software designer for Finnish software company Solita. On my free time I participate in various student activities, swim and go to group exercise classes.

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Henna SilvennoinenFinland, Team applicants, Team Musiika

Henna Silvennoinen

Henna Silvennoinen - Team MusiikaHenna is studying Science and Engineering at the Tampere University of Technology (TUT). As a part of her studies she will obtain a degree in teaching mathematics, physics and chemistry. She also works as a research assistant for the Department of Physics at TUT. She has grown up with music, a cappella singing being one of her favorite things to do.

Alfonso De GregoriaIndividual applicants, Italy

Alfonso De Gregoria

Alfonso De GregorioAlfonso De Gregorio is a security technologist, founder of BeeWise, the first cyber security prediction market, and Principal Consultant at secYOUre. He started his career in information security in the late 1990s. Since then he never stopped contributing his little share to the discussion and practice of security engineering. Among the positions held, he served as Chief Security Architect at an HSM vendor, Expert at European Commission, and Visiting Scholar at the Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC) research group, K.U. Leuven. Alfonso researches solutions for building cybersecurity incentives, tweets @secYOUre, and generally does not speak of himself in the third person.

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Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ RossiItaly, Team applicants, Team Rossi

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Rossi

Jacqueline Rossi - Team RossiJackie Rossi, a middle-school student at the European School in Brussels, has lived and studied in the US, China and Europe. She speaks fluent English, Mandarin Chinese, Italian and French, and studies Spanish and Latin. Jackie is passionate about STEM subjects and serves as an Ambassador and Intern at Greenlight for Girls, a global non-profit supporting girl’s education in STEM. This past June, Jackie launched an application that she designed on Apple’s AppStore called J’s Flashcards, an educational app to help students improve vocabulary and scores on standardized testing. Jackie is a sports enthusiast – and holds several Belgian national titles for swimming events. She is also a hip-hop and modern dancer, tennis player, skier and snow-boarder.

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Linda KungItaly, Team applicants, Team Rossi

Linda Kung

Linda Kung- Team RossiLinda Kung is accompanying participant Jacqueline Rossi.

Maarten VosBelgium, Team applicants, Team De Lift

Maarten Vos

Maarten Vos - Team DeLiftI’m a student at De Lift.
My specialty is Java, and I’m currently studying for my Oracle Java 8 OCA exam.

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Gert CookeBelgium, Team applicants, Team De Lift

Gert Cooke

Gert Cooke - Team DeLiftI’m a student at De Lift.

Xander VanschoubroeckBelgium, Team applicants, Team De Lift

Xander Vanschoubroeck

Xander Vanschoubroeck - Team DeLiftI’m a student at De Lift.

Cindy SmitsBelgium, Team applicants, Team De Lift

Cindy Smits

Cindy Smits - Team DeLiftI’m an IT consultant working for Cronos. As a sponsorship from Cronos I’m IT teacher at De Lift and I also give IT workshops for children with Digitale Wolven.

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Xavier VanderhoevenBelgium, Team applicants, Team De Lift

Xavier Vanderhoeven

Xavier Vanderhoeven - Team DeLiftJavaScript full stack developer with a background in .NET

Walter GemoetsBelgium, Team applicants, Team De Lift

Walter Gemoets

Walter Gemoets - Team DeLiftVolunteer De Lift

Bram BeirensBelgium, Team applicants, Team B2

Bram Beirens

Bram Beirens - Team B²I’m a motivated student applied informatics with an economic background. This year I expect to finish my studies. Computers were one of my main interests since I was a kid, therefore I decided I wanted to study IT. I am straightforward and can pitch my ideas with others. I like working together with creative and open-minded people.

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Ludovic BonivertBelgium, Team applicants, Team B2

Ludovic Bonivert

Ludovic Bonivert - Team B²I’m a passionate learner. Everyday is a chance to absorb new ideas and put these into my actual or further work. I love building and creating new stuff with my coding and graphical skills.

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Keshia NiemegeertsBelgium, Team applicants, Team De Lift

Keshia Niemegeerts

Keshia Niemegeerts - Team DeLiftI’m a Java developer at Cronos.

Mathias MarimanBelgium, Team applicants, Team De Lift

Mathias Mariman

Mathias Mariman - Team DeLiftI’m a developer at Optis (Cronos).